May 20, 2024, 3:10 pm
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PI9A was a fully portable station. In amateur radio world 'portable' doesn't mean we can simply carry all our equipment. Everything is made easy transportable, “heavy duty” and simply put “on wheels”. During the contests, we generate our own electrical power by using a portable diesel powered generator and we don't make use of any existing buildings.


We own a nice and colourful “HAM modified” bus as a portable radio shack and in use for transport of all equipment.


Our three antenna masts are on build on trailers. When fully erected, they reach about 25 meters in height. One of the towers is used for a 4 times 11 elements homemade K5GW array for 144 MHz. Our second tower holds our 432 MHz array made of 4 times 36 elements homemade K1FO design. In single section contesting, we can put up 3 systems with 4 times 11 elements @ 144 MHz and 2 systems 4 times 36 elements @ 432 MHz. The third portable mast is in use by single bands contesting. Also for Antenna tests, sometimes for some special experiments or when needed for HF, packet or internet links.

The power generator @ 42 Kw.

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